Top 5 key security features of Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection

Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection provides an endpoint malware prevention and management solution. It delivers accurate endpoint malware prevention to keep the user and device safe with the use of the additional endpoint security shield capabilities.

Identity and Privacy Shield
This shield will protect the users from the undetectable malware by assuming that the endpoint is already infected. It protects the user information and the transactional data that has the chance to get exposed while performing the online transactions from the specific types of threats that includes phishing, DNS poisoning, keystroke logging, screen grabbing, cookie scraping, and browse and session hijacking by malicious software arising man-in-the-middle-attacks.

This shield also locks up the OS and browser to protect all the user information as well as the credentials like the shared passwords also.

Web Threat Shield
This Shield will block the access of the known phishing sites and the malicious domains by making Windows to access the latest security intelligence on any of the websites.

Powerful Heuristics
This Shield setting can help you to adjust the risk tolerance for certain file execution. And the settings include-

Advanced – It resolves the new programs for the suspicious threats that are typically malware.
Age – It resolves the new programs that are based on the time of the similar file that is existed within the Windows.
Popularity- It resolves the new programs that are based on how often the file gets used up or changed within the Windows.
4.Offline Protection

This Shield ceases the attacks when an endpoint gets offline with the separate file execution policies that are applicable to all local disk, USB, CD, and DVD drives.

Mobile Smartphone and Tablet Support
The Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Mobile protection is available for Android and iOS Smartphones as well as Tablets.

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